Service Offerings

A little about Wordsmiths Consulting (WSC)

I also moonlight as a Freelance Technical Writer/Instructional Designer/Content Developer/SEO Guy/Marketing Communications Developer/Name your Writing need Guy under the Wordsmiths Consulting (WSC- Site is under construction) banner.  

WSC is a content development firm. It has a home office in Mumbai. It was started on May 31st 2004 due to the huge market for quality Content and Technical Writing/Instructional Design  and the advent of Outsourcing in India. It offers Contract and Consulting Services (Software Documentation/Process Documentation/ Content Development/Search Engine Optimization Services/Usability analysis-Software, Website).

For any queries/my resume/ an executive summary, give me a shout or drop me a mail. You can also visit my website, Wordsmiths Consulting for more details.